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"Art is the vehicle I use to document and share car stories."

~ Heidi Mraz

Abstracted Porsche 911.jpg

Driven To Abstraction

‘Driven to Abstraction’ collection is an experiential modern series that at first glance appears to be colorful geometric abstract paintings; but when viewed through a convex mirror or a cellular phone wide-angle camera, the abstractions coalesce into an image of an automobile.  This metamorphosis encourages the viewer to see and appreciate the automobile as more than just a mode of transportation but as a work of art as well.


Art of Provenance

Every significant car has a story, and artist Heidi Mraz is committed to find, document and share these stories in a compelling way by using art as her vehicle before the memories are lost and forgotten. Her engaging 'Art of Provenance' artwork is driven by research and fueled by narrative to celebrate and preserve automotive history on a single canvas.

Mraz-She Loves-Me-LaFerrari Rose.jpg

Petal To The Metal

Inspired by the word play of a familiar idiom and the archetypal botanical print, Heidi handcrafts the semblance of exotic flowers out of layered paper cut from car magazines and her own images and ‘rooted’ them to a bed of brushed sheet metal. These colorful, engineered ‘power plants’ are masterfully styled like a vintage print. Botanical descriptions are replaced with car stats and line drawings are made of the featured vehicles rather than flowers.

All The Colors of The Rennbow

In celebration of Porsche’s 75th Anniversary globally renowned fine artist Heidi Mraz has created a very special abstract art series focusing on the more than 600 original Porsche colors spanning the iconic marque’s 75-year history.