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"The big picture is nothing without the details."  ~ Heidi Mraz

To some, a portrait is just a snap shot moment. To Artist Heidi Mraz, it represents a lifetime of history. That is because each Heidi Mraz automotive portrait is the result of months of investigative research and historical study, which is a complex and intricately hand-crafted process that incorporates hundreds of curated layers from books, catalogs, manuals, magazines, photographs, and more. Her intoxicating assemblages involve all sorts of materials and textures – ranging from paper to metal – that, once finished, create one-of-a-kind, visual scrapbooks on canvas. A bespoke Heidi Mraz portrait not only preserves a car's unique story, it immortalizes the car through art. Fueled by her own passion for classic cars, the artist offers exclusive bespoke portraits for sophisticated collectors who have a true appreciation for fine art and the automobile.

Now accepting a limited number of commissions for 2023.

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